The “IT” Bag Every Girl Needs

The “IT” Bag Every Girl Needs



Hey guys, hope you are all doing well and staying safe! As we are all in quarantine, I’m sure we’ve been relaxing, skimming the internet, flipping through our magazines & fashion news outlets & seeing certain trends/items that have been super popular lately. I have been seeing this certain eye-catching “dumpling” bag everywhere recently, and decided to take a look into the product. I wanted to know exactly what this product was and why it was so special.

This handbag- you all guessed it, has been the Bottega Veneta “Pouch” that’s been taking the fashion world by storm. At first I was a bit confused as to why this bag was so popular (literally every influencer/blogger has been carrying this!), but I realize now that the shape of it is what makes it such a versatile bag. The convenience of throwing anything in PLUS the ultra-chic vibe it gives off- it’s practically everything you’d need in a bag. Simply put- I fell in love!

Upon further research, I also realized that this bag costs about CAD $3000.00 plus. Obviously, your girl was shocked- there was no way I could ever afford a bag like this, especially during this time that we’re living in. This handbag was beautiful but out of budget & totally off limits. I could not fathom paying that much for a bag right now… so I went on a hunt. I needed to find something of similar build with all the practicality & chic-ness of the Bottega Veneta one, all within a price-point that wouldn’t scare me away. Well, that’s when I stumbled upon one of my most beloved online stores- Mango!

Mango was actually among the Canadian retail landscape but sadly closed after a few years. I used to shop there whenever I was at the Toronto Eaton Centre and loved the products they carried. They always had the most stylish pieces & I especially loved their accessories. Enter THE bag that you need in your life right now. I was able to snag this beauty up on sale for CAD $80.00– hopefully it still will be on sale by the time this post goes live- but if not don’t fret, Mango is usually always having a sale. I find that their items go on sale more than Zara… which is pretty crazy.

Although they’re sister companies and carry similar styles- price-points differ, and I find the quality at Mango tends to be a bit better and more geared towards the modern/mature working woman. Nevertheless, they truly have some great pieces. Another thing to note is their shipping- their Canadian website has everything in the Canadian dollar so you won’t have to worry about those pesky US dollar conversions. Also, they ship with DHL so if refunds are needed, they send someone to pick it up from your place free of charge! So if you were hesitant to buy off them- they’ve covered all of their bases so that you’re truly at ease when shopping with them. BTW, not sponsored by Mango at all- I just love their products & the company in general.


Anyways, enough rambling, let’s get on with the exciting new handbag that I’m sure you’ll be picking up as soon as you’re done reading this blog post…



RWH with Bottega


RHW with Bottega pouch


RHW with Bottega pouch


rosie huntington whitely bottega

*Images taken from her personal IG and Pinterest!*


As you can see, Rosie Huntington Whitely is a FAN and I’m a fan of hers LOL. I always see her rocking one of these in different styles/colours. She’s always looking her best, and I just had to attain something to feel like my best RHW self. LOL. She’s truly an icon in the fashion world.


Bottega Veneta bag with chain


This is the handbag that I believe the one I purchased looks most similar to! It has the gold chain and everything! I love Bottega Veneta, but I cannot afford this lovely bag just yet. I personally adore the huge chain link handle & the fact that it’s real leather. It’s a bag that would definitely hold up well. One day though… but for now my new Mango alternative will have to do!

The Mango “Pouch” Bag With Chain


Exterior / Interior


mango bag


This camel-coloured beauty (they also have a black one that they just restocked!) has a thick chain handle & I really appreciated this! Throughout my research, the “dupes” that I was coming across had a regular thin strap but I personally like bigger ones. They just seem more sturdy to me. Plus it’s GOLD. All of my jewellery is gold so I thought it’d be nice because it would basically go with anything I wear.


mango bag


The zipper works well- not scratchy or hard to pull at all. I really liked the added zip enclosure because the pouch bag usually has a magnetic frame that enables it to close. I think that the zippered part makes this feel a bit more secure & helps me in knowing that nothing will fall out.


mango bag


The interior of the bag is lined with a linen material. It’s super durable and very well made.


mango bag


This bag is also made of faux-leather. Vegan lovers- rejoice!


mango bag


The interior also includes a nifty little pocket. Great for spare change & your lippies!


mango bag



So… what do you think? I’m so excited to take this beauty out for a spin when this quarantine ends… If you end up grabbing it let me know! I’d love to see how you style it. I’ve literally scoured the internet & did a ton of research into finding the best dupe for the Bottega Veneta “Pouch.” You are in GOOD hands- trust me when I say the quality is pretty darn good! I was so happy with this purchase… I wasn’t really sure what to expect- but I’m over the moon. It’s a great bag and definitely something that I’ll be using once we’re out of here. Although I adore the Bottega Veneta version, I think this Mango dupe will do me just fine for now! Below I’ve linked the handbags and some similar Mango dupes if you’re interested.





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