Quarantine Get Ready With Me! A Simple Yet Easy “Glow Up”

Quarantine Get Ready With Me! A Simple Yet Easy “Glow Up”



Hey loves, hope you’re doing well & that you all are safe and not directly affected by what’s going on right now. Corona season is unfortunately upon us- who would’ve thought that this issue would scale to this magnitude? At this moment everyone is locked up in their houses (including myself!) and I just thought I’d do a quick quarantine “glow up” with you guys! It’s simple and VERY easy to achieve! What do you think? Some days I feel a little down and under the weather- being quarantined in the house for days on end can do that to you. Just thought this post could inspire you to get a little glam no matter what’s going on in your life!


When I need a pick-me-up, I like putting on a bit of makeup to make myself feel better, so I thought that I could show you guys how I like to get ready during these times. I don’t always put on makeup at home (barely tbh!), but right now I like feeling a bit put together even when I have nowhere to go.


Grocery run? Why not glam it up LOL. These uncertain times are upon us and we don’t know when we’ll truly be out of this mess… so let’s cheer up & get on with this!








Lip Product: Lilah B. Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil


This product is lovely! Whenever I need a bit of moisture, I dab this on and I’m good to go. Gives a subtle “juicy” look to the lips, and it gives a little tint as well. Jam-packed with natural & good-for-you ingredients, this item has been coming everywhere with me.





Face Product: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter


I’ve been using this for a while- whenever my skin is looking and feeling dull, I love applying this! It brings back the GLOW to my face. Leaves it looking fresh & radiant. This also has a very light tint to it, so it does help to reduce uneven skin tone & redness (for me personally!). This is gorgeous underneath foundation, but on days like this where I’m not really going out/lazy, I like to just slap this on & I’m ready for the day!





Blush: Koton Terracotta Blush (sold out, sorry guys!)

VERY SIMILAR DUPE: Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze (have this and they’re literally the same!)


This 2-in-1 blush/bronzer looks amazing on the skin- gives you a beautiful glow while bringing back life into your complexion! Unfortunately the Koton Terracotta Blush is sold out BUT the Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze is pretty much the exact same item. They both do the same thing & practically look identical on the skin! It helps to define the face while leaving a glow. The micro-shimmers baked into these formulas help with that- & that’s exactly what I need right now! A healthy glow is always IN, no matter what the season is…


*If you purchase through some of the above links I may get commission- this helps in running the blog! Thank you so much!*






There you have it guys- a quick way that I like to get ready during these quarantine times. If you’d like- you can even add a brow gel to help with unruly brow hairs, and you’d be set to conquer your day. Hope you enjoyed this little quarantine “get ready with me!” Make sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.



Hope you all enjoyed this blog post loves!


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