Hey loves, guess what? A new Texas-style HALAL restaurant has officially opened a few weeks ago on King. St. West in Toronto & I was able to get a sneak peak of what they’re all about! It’s called “Meat & Pie Co.” and you’ve guessed it- they sell exactly that. The restaurant was super cute- the interiors were quite spacious and chic. We were able to reserve a private dining experience for my mom’s birthday so we had a chance to try out the place before their grand opening. It was pretty exciting…


In this blog post, I show you a bit of the dreamy interiors & what to expect when checking it out. SPOILER– this spot might be your new go-to for succulent meat AND homey pies. LOL. I’m a girl that loves me some meat… so I was really excited to try this place out in general. I think it’s safe to say that the whole family enjoyed their meals as well & I know for sure I will be back here VERY, very soon.



Meat & Pie Co.

212 King Street W. Toronto, ON, M5H 1K5

Price: $$


meat & pie



*As you can see, it’s quite close to St. Andrew station- barely a 5 minute walk!



Interior & Decor


interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor

interiors / decor


They have a lot of cute areas in this place- some spaces that you could probably host a family gathering or a friends birthday at- overall was truly loving the decor.




Menu & Food




sides & Mac menu

meat menu

pies menu

drinks menu


*Sorry for the really bad glare in the photos- I’ll try to take better ones soon!


As you can see, there are SO MANY wonderful choices. Remember this place is 100% HALAL- so their drinks menu contains no alcohol! I don’t drink alcohol so it was nice to see all of these mainstream “alcoholic” drinks without it. Was a pretty cool concept!




This set-up was so eco-friendly! They use recyclable materials, how cool is that?


deep fried tomato


Appetizer- Deep Fried Tomato ($10.00)


deep fried tomato


This was filled with garlic cream cheese & housed in panko crust. Crispy amazingness. LOL. I would say this could feed about 2 people!




Appetizer: Cornbread ($5.00)- served with delicious honey (how cute are the little pots LOL), I usually don’t like cornbread AT ALL but topped with honey.. YES please! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this.


cauliflower bites


Appetizer: Vegan Cauliflower Bites ($10.00)- served with a few different sauces (honey-mustard/poblano chili lime BBQ) & lightly deep-fried. I really liked this- wasn’t soggy and the crust was super “airy,” NOT oily and didn’t make me feel gross after. I usually can’t eat heavily deep fried foods- this was cooked to perfection.


French onion Mac and cheese


Mac & Cheese: French Onion ($13.00)- tried all of these & they were great! French onion was my favourite.


smoked tandoori chicken


Meat: Smoked-Tandoori Half Chicken ($16.00)- succulent chicken cooked to perfection. It was juicy yet the skin had a nice crispiness to it.. a bit spicy but tasted really good. For those who don’t eat beef- this would be your go-to!


tandoori chicken


beef short ribs


Meat: Beef Short Ribs ($43.00)- crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. The meat was practically melting off the bone. Seriously. We all loved it.


beef short ribs


40 oz creekstone steak


Meat: 40 oz Creekstone Tomahawk Steak ($128.00)- medium-rare topped with rock salt (definitely had a salt-bae experience LOL) & a hint of rosemary. The meat was too good! This dish had a bit more fat than the other meat options but it tasted amazing. Seasoned well & didn’t take away from the beefy parts.


40 oz creek stone steak


8 oz tenderloin


Meat: 8 oz PEI Tenderloin Steak ($46.00)- Medium-rare pieces. Very juicy and reminded me of a similar taste to Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse (which has halal options too btw!). This option is a great choice for those of you craving the steaks from there but not the price (can get pricey!). This steak was well worth it and MORE.





pies- apple pie and cheesecake


Dessert is SERVED!

Pictured above from top to bottom- Deep Dish Apple Pie / Apple Cheesecake Pie ($10.00 each)

Tried the apple cheesecake & it was bomb! For those of you that love cheesecake AND apples- a match made in heaven.





Overall, the family and I had a great experience at Meat & Pie Co. & some of us have already been back. From the food to the interiors- this place has it all. Great halal food & drinks- all for a great price. Adam and I will definitely come back here very soon. We’re truly looking forward to it! Have you guys checked Meat & Pie Co. out? Would love to hear what you think.


Baby and I



Hope you all enjoyed this blog post loves!


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