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Hey Loves! My friends Alannah, Victoria & I recently went thrifting at the Value Village on Bloor St. W. and we vlogged it! I wanted to share the video here for you guys so you could join in on the fun. I absolutely LOVE thrifting, I’ve been doing it ever since I was 5. To be honest, thrifting is one of my favourite past times- I love finding gems for an unbelievable deal. I’m all about them sales and discounts- so thrifting has always been right up my alley. Also, the fact that thrifting is a more sustainable route to looking incredibly fashionable whilst being mindful of the environment? Count us ALL in.

Had an amazing time with these girls. Visited Propeller Coffee to catch up and do some work with Alannah, then finally met up with Victoria at Value Village. Later on, we decided to grab dinner at Seoul Shakers– which was AMAZING btw!

I’m hoping to vlog more thrift trips for you guys… just gotta figure some camera stuff out and we should be good to go! I also want to start doing blog posts on some of my thrift finds, what do you think? Going to have to do that up for y’all as well.

Alannah shot this video for her youtube channel, so if you like this type of content make sure to go and subscribe. Her vids are awesome.






Those are some little snippets of our day! ^


Let me know if you enjoy the vlog!


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Hope you all enjoyed this blog post loves!

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