Pack With Me For Turkey! My Travel Makeup Bag 2019

Pack With Me For Turkey! My Travel Makeup Bag 2019



WOOO, guess what guys? I’m going to TURKEY (technically I’ll be in Turkey by the time this post is up LOL)! In case you didn’t know and are new to VK, I’m actually half Turkish so I’ll be heading back to see my family and I am so excited & ready to soak up the wonderfullness (if that’s even a word) of it all. For this post I wanted to show you guys what I like packing (beauty-wise) for my longer trips. I’m going to be away for about three weeks, so I have to make sure I pack everything properly- especially my makeup. I don’t like to over-pack but for trips like these, I do like to have options. I’m going to be with a LOT of people on this trip- my family, my boyfriend AND his family so having options is a MUST.


This post is going to be a visual “pack with me” where I show y’all the items that I’m planning on bringing to Turkey. Most of the products below can be found at Sephora. I’ve also included some extra travel tips at the bottom in case you needed some help with packing overall.





Face Products


face primer and concealer


concealer and foundations


face products


face palettes


Face palettes are extremely useful for travel- has mostly everything you need all in one solid little compact!



nudestix sunkissed




Eye Products


chloe morello x ciate london palette


Do you guys remember this eyeshadow palette? An oldie but a goodie!



eye products


eye products




Lip Products


lip products


mostly lippies


The Stila “La Douce” product is actually an eye product! It’s a gorgeous dirty green-gold shade!





lip products


lip products


lip products




Hope you liked the visual “pack with me!” For the most part, these are all the products that I’m bringing for sure. I might add a bit more because sometimes I like to change things up last minute (LOL not the best idea), but I’m definitely excited to be taking these products with me. A ton of these products I already know and love, so I’m confident that I’m making the right choices in regards to my travel makeup! Do you have any tips? Below, I’ve listed some that I swear by- just in case you needed some guidance on how to pack for your next adventure. Packing can be overwhelming but trust me, it doesn’t have to be!



Beauty Packing Tips For Your Next Trip!


  • Do NOT over-pack. Why would you want to carry such a heavy bag? You don’t necessarily have to pack light but be mindful of what your needs are. Only pack what you KNOW you will use!
  • Bring essentials that you KNOW you already love.
  • Only bring travel-friendly products. It has to be 100 ml or less!
  • ALWAYS wrap up your (travel-sized) liquids/oils in mini bags (in case there’s spillage in your makeup case!)
  • Be mindful of where you’re travelling to- if you’re going to a humid climate, try not to pack too many cream products as they’ll melt/go bad quicker.
  • Try not to pack anything that can easily break such as glass (I know I packed my Too Faced “Born This Way” concealer BUT it’s my favourite so I’m going to wrap that one up nicely to prevent it from shattering!).
  • If you know you love a product but haven’t used it in a while- try to pack it so that you can actually get some use out of it. AGAIN make sure you will use it though!
  • Make use of compartmentalized bags/sections in your makeup case- that way you won’t have any trouble finding what you need, especially if you’re in a rush!
  • Know your “makeup” scenarios. Are you going on a romantic date night? Make sure to pack that bold red lippie!
  • DON’T STRESS! Make sure to have fun while you pack and don’t overthink this. You’re going to have a BLAST and the place you’re going to probably has some cool beauty products around that area anyways.
  • DO NOT fret especially if you forget something. You can always head on out and grab what you’re looking for!



Hope you guys liked some of my tips!

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Thank you!





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