SUMMER 2019 IS HERE- Top 3 Trendiest Fashion Picks!

SUMMER 2019 IS HERE- Top 3 Trendiest Fashion Picks!



It’s finally Summer- my favourite season… YAY! Today, I wanted to share with you guys my top 3 trendy picks for the Summer. I love incorporating trends into my outfits & I thought I’d show you guys what trends I’ve been LOVING these past few months! I’m sure you guys have seen this plastered on the gram’ and other social media but I narrowed down my FAVS! These fashionable trends are chic AND affordable to achieve which is a true PLUS in my books. Let me know what you guys think loves, enjoy!


BTW, some products were gifted to me for this post- items will be marked with a *




1. Hair Clips- The Ultimate Hair Accessory



hair clips



I’ve gotten a lot of my clips from WISH & EBAY, I find that they’re way more affordable on those sites! I had to look for a while to find the best deals but these clips should run you about $1.00-3.00! Shipping takes a few weeks but they arrive in great condition. No complaints here!



hair clips


How gorgeous are these clips? All cost me under CAD $20.00!




2. Rings & Delicate Blings









How gorgeous is that Emerald-looking ring? I love pairing it with the other gold stacking diamante rings. I got both from Winners!




*Received the gorgeous blue Labradorite “Harlow” ring from




3. Rattan/Wicker Handbags- Your Woven Summer Staple



rattan bag



rattan bag



wicker bag



wicker bag


Seriously though- I can fit everything I need and more. So much space! Plus it goes with any outfit. Definitely taking this bag to Turkey!



woven rattan bag

*This beautiful bag was gifted to me by



Because these are trendy items- I don’t think you need to pay top dollar for them. The rings I would say is something that I’d personally invest in, but don’t fret if you are on a tight budget! Just a tip, X.



Trendy Bargain Stores & Websites I LOVE!


I like to check out department stores such as Winners/Marshalls and even Homesense whenever I’m looking for a great deal. I usually find what I’m looking for over there. If not, I take my shopping to the web!


Some websites I like to check out for deals are:





Again, I don’t like to spend too much on trendier items. These sites carry an overall selection of good quality items for a fraction of the cost!


Also, I know I ALWAYS SAY THIS BUT- don’t forget to use ebates* to save EVEN MORE!

*referral link- I get some $ if you sign up & purchase with my code! This $ goes back into the blog!



Hope you all enjoyed this blog post on my top 3 fashionable picks for the Summer!


Let me know if you have incorporated any of these into your fashion diaries.


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Thank you!





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