SURPRISE! Holiday Bonus: Sephora Annual Sale Event!

SURPRISE! Holiday Bonus: Sephora Annual Sale Event!


It seems like the last Sephora sale event was just yesterday… but surprise! Sephora has come out with yet ANOTHER sale which they’re calling their Holiday Bonus event! I believe this is their annual sale event- it just came a little earlier than expected! As you all know, Sephora sales are quite rare (they only happen about 2-3 times a year!) so a LOT of you should take advantage if you haven’t already in the last one!

Since I bought quite a few items last time around, I don’t think that I’ll be purchasing too much- just necessities that I’m running out of and maybe a few holiday sets? Remember, the sale is catered towards three different tiers of Beauty Insiders- Rouge, VIB & lastly Beauty Insiders. Depending on what BI status you are, your sale dates & discount for the surprise sale will be determined through that!


AHHH I’m so excited! Who else loves a good sale on makeup!?



Sephora Annual Surprise “Holiday Bonus” Sale Information:


  • Rouge-exclusive weekends are October 26th- October 29th and November 2nd- November 5th
  • Rouge gets early access (first week) and exlcusive perks that only pertain to their status.
  • Rouge members are able to bring a friend in-store during the first day (October 26th) and share their discount (20% off!). PLUS, in-store purchases will be given a free sample bag* (not sure if there is a minimum required amount to purchase though!). *One sample bag per Rouge customer & friend! 
  • Rouge Discount Code for online purchases- ROUGEBONUS
  • VIB weekend sale is November 9th- November 12th / Use code VIBBONUS for 20% off online purchases!
  • BI weekend sale is November 16th- November 19th / Use code BIBONUS for 15% off online purchases!
  • You can use these codes multiple times on total purchases!


Not much information has been released about VIB & Beauty Insider dates & discount but I will make sure to update this post when I hear more! UPDATE ABOVE!!!








Overall, I am SO excited this sale is coming up. I know the last one was literally a few weeks ago but I’ve been eyeing some holiday sets… & if I can get a good discount on them, I am ALL for it.



Not sure what to get during the upcoming annual Sephora sale? Make sure to check out my previous posts where I talk about some great new holiday releases, & products I recommend you check out during these sales! I include tips and tricks on how I like to shop the sale as well so make sure to head over to those posts before you leave. If you don’t already have a Beauty Insider membership at Sephora, make sure to grab one now! You’ll still be able to reap some benefits of the sale & their exclusive membership perks (like collecting points on purchases & a yearly birthday gift!).


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Make sure to create your wish-list NOW, as the sale starts this Friday!




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