Mango Accessories Haul 2018


Have you been looking for a bit of fall fashion accessory inspo? Well let me tell ya’… this post has got it! I’ve recently been on the hunt for the perfect sock boot with a chunky heel and some other great accessories that I felt would help elevate my outfits for the fall season and I definitely think that this haul is a winner! I didn’t get a lot of items because I’ve been trying to be more particular about what I’ve been purchasing lately, BUT I truly think that less is more & that overall these were great purchases! Sometimes when I buy a bunch of things all at once, I start to feel like MEH they weren’t really worth it and end up returning some of the items. By putting more thought and carefully choosing what items to grab this time, I was able to fall in love with each and every one of these and I’m just SO excited to show you what I’ve picked up!



Mango Canada


Years ago, Mango used to be everywhere in Canada from what I remember. I used to be able to go to the CF Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto, and pick up a few staple items whenever I needed. They ended up closing the store some time ago unfortunately. I believe there’s actually one Mango store in Yorkdale though (don’t quote me on that, heard it from my friend!) but I truly just don’t have the time to go the mall nowadays which is why I went over to their online site for these items.

I’ve previously only bought from them once online beforehand but that was years ago and I didn’t exactly remember much about the purchase and the process etc. I wanted to give them another try because I really do love Mango. I believe they’re actually a sister brand to Zara. When you step foot into one or even browse through their online selection I feel like you can just tell by looking at their items… they’re very Zara-esque.

Even though they’re not readily available store-wise in Canada, I’m actually still able to check them out whenever I’m in Turkey which is great. It kind of makes me feel like not everyone has the same items as me whenever I do shop there so it leaves you feeling a tad bit special in that sense. ANYWAYS, that was a little bit of a ramble about my experiences so far with them, but overall I really do like Mango! Their quality is pretty good and the prices (although a bit higher than Zara at times) aren’t too bad, especially when the items are on sale!


ALL of these items were on sale & I would highly recommend them.



Ordering Information


The items I picked up were all on sale- the website was having a 30% off discount on all items so I was able to snag some great items at even better prices! I was a bit hesitant ordering from them because I wasn’t too sure if their prices were in US dollars (I forgot from the last time I ordered!), but to my surprise they were in Canadian which was awesome. I didn’t want to have to spend the $189.00 that I did, and know that on top of that it wasn’t in Canadian pricing… that would’ve been a bummer. Thankfully it wasn’t though.


FINALLY, on to the visual haul- the moment you’ve all been waiting for! I’ve only picked up four items, so it’s not a long haul but the key to finding great accessories is to be REALLY particular and choosy with what you grab. You don’t need to buy a bunch to jazz up your outfit. Accessories are there to compliment you- putting TOO much of them into one outfit can take away from YOU. Remember that!


All items will be linked below by the way! Not all items are in stock right now but you can easily sign up for their email reminders so that if it does come back in stock you’ll be notified right away. They’re pretty good with restocking an item so if the item you like is sold out, chances are it’ll be back online soon enough. That’s what happened with me in regards to some of these items! Also, I didn’t add prices like I usually do because I got these items on sale. Make sure to keep up with their website to snag these items at a sale price like I did! I didn’t want to pay full price so I just waited for their sale & now… here we are!






Heel Sock Boots



sock boot



Quality is very nice and fabric is thick. The heel is a sturdy hard plastic (I believe, but doesn’t look cheap!).



sock boot


sock boot



For reference, I’m a size 7.7/8 in shoes and these are a size 39 (US 8)- they fit me perfectly!



sock boot



Loving the fact that they’re square-shaped at the toe but still quite pointy!



sock boot



Chunky heels are my favourite! So comfy.





Mixed Asymmetric Earrings



mixed earring


mixed earring


mixed earring



Such a statement! The dramatic stones and the cool metal shape of the bottom-half. Living for this pair!





Zip-Detail Belt Bag



belt bag



Been looking for a belt bag for the longest time… finally found the perfect one (for now!).



belt bag



Loving the burgundy croc! Such a beautiful colour to wear during the fall season.



belt bag


belt bag


belt bag



GOLD hardware. Need I say more?






Surprisingly this bag has quite a bit of space which is awesome! I love stuffing my bags LOL.





Metallic Handle Bag



gold handle bag with snake skin print



The handle of this bag really drew me in!



snake skin bag



Can you spot a trend?.. Loving animal prints (especially snake skin & croc!).



snake skin print bag



Such a beautiful snake print! All the rage during this season…





gold handle snake skin bag



Who would’ve though green and orange would look so great together!?



handle bag



The gold handle is sturdy and the faux leather is very soft! Doesn’t feel cheap either.





snake skin bag



Definitely my favourite item from this haul! LOVE it. I don’t have anything like this in my collection!






What did you think of my mini Mango accessories haul? I truly hope you enjoyed the visuals as much as I did! Have you recently got some fall accessories that you’d like to share? Let me know! Would really like to check them out. I’ve actually got more hauls coming your way so stay tuned & subscribe before you leave!



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