Hey everyone! This week was a pretty eventful one being that it was the 2018 Met Gala! Hold on though… did you guys ACTUALLY see and keep up-to-date with every Met Gala look that graced the red carpet (well it’s actually not entirely red but you know what I mean!)? I did, and I must say I was super impressed… some of the pieces that I saw were just MIND-BLOWING! This year’s theme “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” had designers from all over the world creating beautifully crafted pieces inspired by Catholicism and it’s intricate connection with the human body form. Put these two concepts together and you get some of the most fashionable & iconic looks that has ever blessed your eyes- straight from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I wondered myself about how these two separate ideals intertwined, and my research led me to this statement I came across by Andrew Bolton who is a curator at the Met’s Costume Institute:


“To me what is central to Catholicism and fashion is the idea of the body, there’s an inherent carnality to Catholicism, as there is with fashion.”

Source: https://quartzy.qz.com/1271926/the-mets-fashion-exhibit-heavenly-bodies-dives-into-catholicisms-inherent-carnality/



Personally loved how some of the pieces were very regal in structure and style. A lot of inspiration came from centuries ago, where holy figures & kings/queens would don garments that oozed power. There were many beautiful textures and textiles to be seen and wonderful colours that truly represented the vision of that very night. Scenes based off of old-century artworks that can be seen in churches and museums were printed on fabrics as well and incorporated the theme even further. I, for one FEASTED my eyes on some of these ornate outfits because this year everyone came to SLAY.


Here is a round-up of some of my absolute favourite looks from that night (in no particular order)!


1. Alexa Chung in “Alexa Chung” (she designed this herself!)




2. Amanda Seyfried in “Prada”




3. Sarah-Jessica Parker in “Dolce & Gabbana”




4. Kate Bosworth in “Oscar de la Renta”




5. Gigi Hadid in “Versace” (reminds me of those stained-glass windows- super pretty!)



6. Rihanna in “Maison Margiela”



7. Blake Lively in “Versace”




8. Janelle Monáe in “Marc Jacobs”




9. Irina Shayk in “Atelier Versace”




10. Selena Gomez in “Coach”




11.  Lily Collins in “Givenchy”



12. Solange Knowles in “Iris van Herpen”




13. Emilia Clarke in “Dolce & Gabbana”



14. Cardi B in “Moschino”



15. Chadick Boseman in “Versace”



16. Priyanka Chopra in “Ralph Lauren”




17. Christian Combs in “Dolce & Gabbana”




18. Zendaya in “Versace”




That’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed this little overview of some of the best-dressed on the 2018 Met Gala red carpet! Let me know what looks you were loving!





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