Spring/Summer 2018: All About Dresses Edition

Spring/Summer 2018: All About Dresses Edition

Have you guys been lusting over the fact that the warmer weather is around the corner? I have, and I am SO excited for it.


A key item that I want to make sure to stock up on are dresses. I have a few but I don’t have enough (that’s what I say, but my wallet says otherwise).


What makes dresses so amazing? WELL…


1. They are versatile- can easily layer pieces like a denim jacket or a vest.
2. Easy to throw on- I can be super lazy so I love that I don’t even have to think about it!
3. Weather appropriate- If it’s warm out then I don’t need to be wearing long heavy clothing articles.
4. UBER comfy- as long as you’re wearing a looser fitting dress!
5. They look good on anyone and everyone, PLUS I can eat to my heart’s content and be okay with my food baby because pretty much no one can tell (AGAIN, as long as the dress isn’t super tight).
6. Did I mention that they’re super cute?


Here is a round-up of some of the dresses that I’ve been eyeing recently! I just thought it’d be great to give you guys some inspo on what types of dresses I love to wear in the warmer months!




What do you think of some of these dresses? They’re SO gorgeous and I can’t wait to add some more to my collection! I’m definitely going to be rummaging through my closet PRONTO to get ready for the upcoming seasons.

What types of dresses do you like? Anything that I should check out? Let me know loves!



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